Roxann Sykes

Consultant (Educators, School Groups, Home School), Workshop Leader

Licensed Elementary Educator (K-6), Licensed Administrator

Cary, Raleigh

Roxann is equipped with a K-6 Elementary Education license as well as a School Administrator license. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Shaw University (2004) and furthered her academic journey with a Master’s degree from UNC Chapel Hill (2014), followed by a doctoral degree from High Point University in 2019. Her educational pursuits focused on leadership, equity, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and Trauma-Informed Practices. Beyond her professional commitments, Roxann finds joy in reading, traveling, and hosting game nights with loved ones. Her household includes two dogs, one of whom serves as a trained therapy dog, spreading warmth and comfort to those in need. Her mission statement is, “Love kids, Support Teachers, Engage Families, Pass it on.” Roxann is currently accepting clients seeking individual educator, school group, and home school consultation.