Melissa Darr

Director of Integrated Learning

K-12 Dual Intervention Services

Cary, Holly Springs, Raleigh

As a licensed K-12 Dual Intervention Specialist and inclusive education champion, Melissa is dedicated to supporting the comprehensive needs of the community. With robust instructional experience that includes targeted content development and design, professional and organizational leadership, and personalized program implementation planning for individuals and schools, Melissa is well-equipped to effectively support children, teens, professionals, and families across contexts and settings to achieve their most ambitious personal goals. Melissa’s multifaceted background includes experiences working in a deaf and hard of hearing unit, serving as a special education department chair, work within the nonprofit sector, teaching within co-taught settings, and designing remediation and acceleration activities to support students within an alternative learning center, reflecting her unwavering dedication to creating inclusive spaces where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. While working with Melissa, academic coaching transcends traditional boundaries, embracing a holistic and personalized approach that ensures that every individual’s unique needs are not only accommodated—they’re celebrated. Melissa is excited to offer IEP/504 Consultation, K-12 ELA, K-8 Mathematics, K-8 Science, K-8 Social Studies, and K-12 Social Skills services.