Emiley Allison, R-DMT

Childcare Attendant, Social Skills Coach, Workshop Leader

Licensed School Counselor, Registered-Dance/Movement Therapist


Emiley holds degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University in Psychology, African American Studies, and Dance/Choreography, and from Drexel University in Counseling and Dance/Movement Therapy, supported by a Post Graduate Certificate in School Counseling from UNC Charlotte. As a registered dance/movement therapist and school counselor, Emiley has extensive experience in clinical, educational, and community-focused settings, prioritizing mental and behavioral health support for individuals across the lifespan. With a background spanning from the Philadelphia Family Court system to inpatient psychiatric settings, Emiley’s recent focus as a school therapist/counselor for students from kindergarten to twelfth grade highlights her commitment to fostering social-emotional, academic, and career development. Through an anti-racist, client-centered, and creative arts lens, Emiley advocates for equitable counseling spaces, emphasizing strengths, identifying barriers, and providing comprehensive support while adhering to ethical standards and the latest best practices in creative arts therapy and school counseling. Emiley is proud to serve as a workshop leader, childcare attendant, and K-12 social skill coach.