Danielle Mateo

Workshop Leader

Licensed Educator (Grades K-6)


Danielle is a National Board Certified Teacher licensed in K-6 Elementary Education. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree with a concentration in Earth Science and Biology with a minor in Sports Science from SUNY Buffalo, and a Master of Arts in Teaching in Biological Science from Miami University, bringing over 13 years of experience to Horizon Global Learning Network. Danielle specializes in Science for grades K-8 and all subject areas for grades K-6. Throughout her career, she has taught various subjects, including 5th grade (all subjects) and 6th grade (specifically science). Beyond her dedication to education, Danielle is a proud mother of two wonderful children and a military spouse. She loves to read romanatasy novels and finds joy in the great outdoors. Danielle’s expertise and offerings cater to students in grades K-5 and 6-8, as well as parents/guardians and professionals invested in educational development. Danielle’s expertise extends to fostering an inclusive and engaging classroom environment that nurtures curiosity and promotes hands-on learning experiences, as she strives each day to create authentic connections with all learners. She values creativity, student choice, and building valuable soft skills in students that are needed for success in future higher education and careers. Danielle currently serves as a workshop leader.